The idea

Founded in 2007 and based in Bedford, Massachusetts, VideoIQ is a leading innovator of advanced self-learning video analytics and its prevention-based video surveillance solutions. Their all-in-one video cameras and encoders provide pro-active surveillance solutions that deliver instant alarm notifications along with live video for immediate event verification. All-in-one solutions include advanced self-learning video analytics, edge storage and optimized video management software. These capabilities dramatically improve customers’ overall security as well as their ROI by reducing cost and increasing the efficiency of on-site monitoring without requiring additional infrastructure expenditures.

VideoIQ enables customers to detect, analyze, verify and respond to events in real-time. Mobile apps play a critical role in this solution by giving the end-user or a security professional the power to verify and respond from anywhere and at anytime. The goal of the VideoIQ mobile application is to provide users with a simple and elegant workflow that enables them to receive, collaboratively verify and respond to alarms, highlighting the value of the VideoIQ solution in prevention.

The design

What is the right Mobile Strategy?

VideoIQ engaged Rocket Farm to develop a long-term product strategy for extending their event notification and response capabilities to mobile devices. Following Rocket Farm’s strategic mobilization process, Rocket Farm worked with the VideoIQexecutive team to design a product release roadmap that would bring VideoIQ’s innovative mobile offering to market quickly for all mobile devices, starting with the iPhone and migrating to Android and tablets. Rocket Farm provided VideoIQ with some mobile-centric design exercises to center the design on specific user profiles: small business owners and property managers who would be able to monitor their stores and facilities remotely using their own devices.

Migrating to the cloud with mobile friendly APIs

After collaborating on a mobile strategy with VideoIQ, Rocket Farm set to work finishing the design and building the application. Rocket Farm’s mobile design phase solved critical issues regarding how end users would quickly navigate through pending security events, view and respond to video, and even activate a ‘talk down’ feature to engage suspicious people in real-time, all from a mobile device like the iPhone. The design process helped VideoIQ, who previously only had experience in web-based and desktop applications, to achieve their goals of simplicity and efficiency in the interface. While Rocket Farm focused on the mobile experience, VideoIQ simultaneously designed their cloud-based architecture for video management. Through close collaboration, the Rocket Farm and VideoIQ team identified a set of video management APIs that were mobile-friendly in terms of bandwidth and information exchange.

Additional Challenges

Additional challenges for the first iOS application included how to stream live video and playback short video clips. Rocket Farm developed an intuitive framework so users could quickly shift back and forth from live video views to the camera specific video histories. A verbal talk-down feature required Rocket Farm’s engineers to implement low-level secure streaming using HTTP tunneling back to VideoIQ’s cameras. And finally, the application was built to be incredibly responsive and robust to stand up to a highly complex environment of streaming video, real-time and historical incidents, and push notification for new events.

The Result: Prevention in the palm of your hand

VideoIQ powered video surveillance solutions enable any user to receive instant alert notifications when an event is triggered on their property. After receiving these notifications, the user can verify the event with a push of a button, which will show a live feed of the activity and immediately respond with audio-talk down directly from their smartphone or tablet. Real-time deterrence is only four clicks away using VideoIQ Mobile. With an effectiveness rate of over 80%, audio talk-down is one of the simplest methods of preventing crime and is now readily available on all mobile devices enabled with VideoIQ.

VideoIQ’s new Prevention-as-a-Service cloud architecture will enable it to bring its award-winning advanced self-learning video analytics to a variety of new business applications.

Rocket Farm helped VideoIQ realize its vision with mobile innovation in the video surveillance space. VideoIQ Mobile was released in Q4 2012 for the iPhone, with Android due in Spring 2013. With hundreds of downloads to date, VideoIQ Mobile is proving that prevention at your fingertips is another great feature that resonates with both small and enterprise class businesses and it is here to stay.

the customer

"Working with Rocket Farm was a great experience, said Sergio Parise, vice president of product development for VideoIQ. Rocket Farm was able to bring to life what we wanted in a mobile app, an optimized workflow that provides users a quick and easy way to handle security events from anywhere. The ease of use of the app is by far, one the best on the market providing a great user experience."
"VideoIQ’s objective was to deliver a mobile app that transformed an analytics solution to an anywhere, anytime prevention solution,” said Mahesh Saptharishi, chief technology officer for VideoIQ. “Rocket Farm has helped us deliver on that objective. Our new mobile app along with our secure and scalable cloud architecture has helped us deliver on our vision to bring prevention-based video security solutions to the market."

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