At every stage we constantly evaluate the end-user funnel lifecycle, which covers the following steps: User Acquisition → Activation → Monetization → Retention

Our goal is to maximize the chance of a product succeeding by addressing product fit and market fit from the beginning. We believe in rapid cycles of Build. Test. Learn. as a discipline to create a culture that challenges assumptions and puts you in touch with customers early and often.


Define the Requirements for Your MVP and to Create a Plan.

The best products start with a clear understanding of the opportunity. During Discovery we use in-depth workshops to discuss everything relevant to a successful product: users and channels, brand, business vision and business model, technology, and team, metrics, keywords. In short everything.


How will the user interact?
How will the product be built?

Great mobile design maps product requirements to the unique canvas provided by today's mobile platforms.


Agile, Professional Development with a Focus on Quality

We follow Agile principles to deliver quality, continually. Weekly builds. Transparency and communication. And a lot of support for internal testers, betas, and key milestones.

things are getting real!

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Growth: a continuous Build Test Learn process focused on small wins that result in cumulative gains against core metrics.

We perform A/B testing to make sure we are optimizing Acquisition, Activation, Monetization, and Retention.