Rocket Farm Studios partnered with LocaModa, specializing in site-specific interactive social media, to bring the popular word game Jumbli to the iPhone. Already a fan favorite online and in restaurants and bars nationwide, this Scrabble-meets-pinball game can be seen on a Jumbotron in NYC’s Times Square four times each hour; the “live” icon in the top right corner of your phone lets you know it’s time to get tapping. LocaModa knows place-based social media; Rocket Farm knows successful iPhone apps. Together, we’ve boosted a brand, engaged new audiences, and made life just a little more fun.

the customer

"Played this on the train today – how bummed I was the ride was over b/c I could play this all day… being live on the Jumbotron is so cool every 15 mins. Love that it’s free. A good solid app. — Kikalee"