5 Pokemon Go Copycat Apps We’ll Soon See

July 11, 2016
Ashley Rondeau

Pokémon Go is the hottest augmented reality game at the moment, and possibly the hottest augmented reality app ever. Both kids and old kids alike are scrambling IRL to catch ’em all, and making crazy headlines all the while. Some good, like Nintendo stock jumping 25%. Some bad, like armed robbery and finding real dead bodies. And some just amazing to app creators like us, like Pokémon Go surpassing Twitter’s DAU numbers on Android.

source: engadget

With numbers like that, it’s only a matter of time before every business gets into this augmented reality racket. So here are our predictions on the 5 Pokémon Go copycat apps we’re likely to see in the coming months.

1. Tinder Go

Instead of swiping left or right, Tinder Go makes you work a little harder to hook up with your potential mate because you can’t use this on the toilet. Instead, if you match with someone you’ll get a location where he/she might be hanging out. If it’s a real match, that person will be there waiting with a bottle of wine and we’re guessing a vape pen. If you got “left swiped,” you’ll be greeted with a virtual avatar of that person giving you the bad news. But you’re still in luck! Collect X amount of virtual avatars of those that will never date you to earn a free month’s subscription!

2. AirBnB Go

Augmented reality at its finest! The Airbnb Go app will show you exactly where those nasty stains, bacteria, and STDs are hiding with fun and colorful caricatures. Catch them all virtually! Just don’t really catch any of them.

3. Snapchat Go

Snapchat is all about messages that disappear (sort of), so there’s some semblance of privacy when you use this app. Snapchat Go adds an additional layer of privacy by forcing you to run to certain locations to view the Snap at all. Your friend-with-benefits will Snap a short video somewhere secluded and that video will be geo-anchored there. If you want to see the horribly lit pseudo sexy video, you’ll have to physically go there to make it play. Then the Snap disappears as usual. And you might too, if the location is sketchy enough. Well if you’re definitely going to send nudes on Snapchat, you might as well make your followers work for them.

4. HBO Go Go



















It’s HBO. Anywhere. And Everywhere. For those of you who desperately need to pry yourselves away from Game of Thrones for just one stupid moment and experience the outside world, HBO Go Go forces you to leave the house. Each new location unlocks a new episode of GoT or True Blood, so you’re forced to exercise to get your binge on. Virtual avatars of your favorite characters will appear at these locations imploring you with phrases like “Please, do not watch any more,” and “You haven’t played with your children in months,” and “Hodor.”
Or, HBO Go Go is just virtual go-go dancers. Either way, this will be super popular.

5. Starbucks Go

You hold up your phone and you’ll see a Starbucks on every corner! Incredibly realistic!

What Pokémon Go clones do you expect to see soon? Sound off in the comments below!

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