We Met the Woz and it Was Glorious

May 7, 2015
Dan Katcher

#IoT Hackathon! (The Conclusion!)

 It was a big week for us on the Farm.  First, we won the smart agriculture category of PTC’s ThingWorx Hackathon as noted in our previous post.  Then, we got to go onstage and meet the Woz himself!

Yes – deep down we’re disappointed that we didn’t win the grand prize, but we are immensely grateful that we placed second overall!  All in all, it was a tremendous experience and we’re really thankful to PTC for putting on a great conference and a great, and fun, Hackathon. And to Steve Wozniak for being awesome and also signing our Red Sox baseball.IMG_6673
And then on Wednesday, our client Yankee Candle presented at LiveWorx (the conference that encompassed the Hackathon) and pre-announced their new division and product line calledScentSystems.  Yankee is focused on hotels and retail outlets and we’re thrilled to have helped them with both the backend IoT cloud work on PTC’s platform as well as the app design & development.  The Yankee Candle work is an amazing convergence of smart devices, cloud services, and mobile, and we’ll have more to say about our collaboration with this amazing company soon!  Stay tuned.

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