Thanks AT&T

July 24, 2010
Dan Katcher

AT&T gets bashed so much for their network, specifically their ability to make a simple phone call. Maybe it’s Apple’s fault, but most people seem to think AT&T is at the root of the frequently-reported connectivity issues.
I for one am pleased this week to say “Thanks AT&T”, because two things have happened. The first is that the volume of dropped calls seems to have, well, dropped – significantly. It used to be literally 5-10 dropped calls a day. No more.
The second thing, and this is really good, is that I can finally make a phone call from my house. We used to have very spotty coverage – calls could only be made upstairs on the 2nd floor or in my backyard. Now – with what ever changes have come to pass – my phone actually rings and I can just pick it up and talk. All of a sudden people can reach me and we can talk without me having to dash outside or upstairs.
What a difference. Thanks AT&T

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