Rocket Farm Studios Celebrates Our 7th Anniversary!

January 27, 2016
Ashley Rondeau

December marked our 7th year as Rocket Farm Studios and as we look toward our decade mark, we’ve been looking back to how far we’ve come since our pig took flight for the first time. Like each year before it, 2015 was a big year of growth and change. Here’s just a sampling of what’s been going on:

  • We launched our new website! Working with ForwardJump, we did a complete overhaul of our website to better showcase our past client projects, improve our site responsiveness on desktop and mobile, and provide a better blog experience for our readers.
  • We’re rocking on mobile industry content. From infographics, to our weekly blog posts, to client videos, and speaking engagements; we’ve been creating content that has been putting Rocket Farm on the map.
  • We’ve grown our client base. From startups to enterprise-level companies, we’ve been adding clients to our roster. Unfortunately, most of the projects we have are hush-hush are the moment, but we couldn’t be more excited about what’s on our plate. And because of that…
  • We’ve grown our team. We’ve added developers, marketers, and finally even got Scott’s profile on our company page. It’s great to see The Farm grow!
  • Oh, and we came in 2nd place in a Hackathon and met The Woz. That was a good day.

2016 is already off to a great start with some fascinating clients on tap to jump into the mobile world with us. We can’t wait to see what comes our way!
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So, if you don’t know where to get started with a blueprint for your app, Rocket Farm Studios can take the pressure off.

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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

If you want our team at Rocket Farm Studios to help you with your app, just book a call.