Hydrow is Taking Off — and We are Giddy With Pride

September 30, 2021
The Rocket Farm Team

Rocket Farm Studios is ecstatic to see all the chatter surrounding, Hydrow, a cutting-edge connected rowing machine that many are saying rivals Peloton in experience. Rocket Farm Studios designed and helped develop the app to provide a real-life rowing experience for the beautifully designed rowing machine.

“Originally, we thought we were just going to build the app, not the hardware. We expected the app to be used with existing machines. But the initial response from our investors was so positive about the app, the decision to make the rowing machine came quickly after,” says Bruce Smith, CEO & Founder of Hydrow, who worked collaboratively with the Rocket Farm team to bring his vision for Hydrow to life.

And did we ever. Hydrow provides a large 22” HD screen, providing a fully immersive fitness experience that transports users to waterways around the world. The machine offers 2,000+ live and on-demand workouts, led by elite athletes. The mobile app provides a live stream from the coaches as they row over the water, and connects friends across the world so people can row together as a team. The app was also designed to work with touch screens, track personal metrics, keep leaderboards, and more.

Turning heads and raising capital

The company has now secured almost $200 million in cumulative funding, with some of it coming from some high-profile folks in Hollywood and the music industry. Actor Kevin Hart was an early backer and has been named Creative Director. And musician Lizzo and actor-musician Justin Timberlake have both invested in Hydrow.

“It is an honor to have some of the most well-regarded names in music, sports and entertainment support our crew as we strive to enhance our members’ lives through the shared experience of rowing. As we continue to focus on positioning rowing as an accessible and mainstream lifestyle choice, we are excited to join forces with these exceptional people who each offer unique experiences and insights to help us in achieving this goal,” Smith says.

The future looks bright

Reviews for Hydrow are excellent and with plenty of capital to work with, the company is ramping up to meet demand for the coming holiday season. The organization also has commercial plans for Hydrow and sees opportunities to add the rowing machine to hotel gyms, apartment complexes and other business settings. So, we should be seeing a lot more from the company.

You can read the full case study of how Rocket Farm brought Hydrow to life here.

We couldn’t be prouder to see one of our favorite mobile app development projects grow so quickly. And we’re ready to build the next one. If you have a killer idea for the next great fitness app, stop what you’re doing, and contact us right now. We’re ready to get started!

So, if you don’t know where to get started with a blueprint for your app, Rocket Farm Studios can take the pressure off.

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