2016 MITX Award Winner!

June 1, 2016
Ashley Rondeau

If you haven’t read Yankee Candle’s press release yet, here’s the gist: our Scent Systems mobile app we created with them won MITX’s “Most Innovative Use of IoT” award! Here’s our CEO Dan Katcher accepting the award:
Here’s a shot of the app in action at the MITX event:
Not only are we proud of the work we’ve done with Yankee Candle, we’re also extremely happy that the Internet of Things movement is catching on. We are firm believers that IoT is mobile’s future, and it’s great that organizations like MITX are recognizing achievements in this category of development.
Thank you MITX and Yankee Candle!
Check out our case study on the Scent Systems app.
Read the PR.

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