In today’s world of instant communication and handheld, user-centric technology, having an established mobile strategy for your business is more than just a trend. In fact, if it is difficult to find and access your brand or product from a mobile phone or tablet, you’re missing out on a huge piece of the potential pie.
While the cultivation of a healthy mobile strategy can transform a company’s productivity levels, increase ROI, and widen brand exposure, it is all too often considered a daunting technical undertaking.

Let Rocket Farm support, steer, and launch you in the right direction.

Whether you’re looking to grow an established online presence or on the launch pad of a brand new business venture, you know the importance of ‘going mobile’. But what does it really mean to break into the scene of mobile applications and environments? Where do you begin?
Rocket Farm Studios is founded on the practice of getting creative, creating a plan, and proceeding to launch, much like the way an organic farm sows the seed, cultivates the crop, and goes to market. Our custom, five-step approach to mobile strategy produces bright ideas for the unique capabilities of mobile, while continually supporting and responding to your company’s very individual organizational needs.

Step 1: Internal Review

As soon as you’re ready to take your first steps into the mobile world, we’ll assemble a team of dedicated business and mobile analysts to conduct an internal review. We want to get to know you! This first stage of internal review will serve to identify your business goals, core products, markets, and target customers. There’s still more to learn about your business and brand! Up next is our mobile readiness assessment, conducted to determine how to best prepare for your next foray into a dynamic mobile environment.

Step 2: External Review

After an internal review, we put away the magnifying glass and take out the telescope to broadly scan the mobile marketplace, and specifically, your brand’s own competitive landscape. Rocket Farm conducts this external review by identifying competitors, analyzing user behavior, and noting industry trends, all the while compiling a brilliant stockpile of ideas and eye-catching details.

Step 3: Ideation

Ideation is where creativity interacts with technology. The Rocket Farm ideation phase gives us the opportunity to dig through our ever-growing cache of ideas to consider which features will best interact with your customers, employees, or partners in a mobile capacity. To cultivate a perfect mobile product, we place emphasis upon user-focused design, and carefully sift out the ideas that are most relevant to your organization and your industry. Combining the wants and needs of your team with technology trends and the demands of the target user: that’s what brings these freshly harvested ideas from field to farm to (mobile) market.

Step 4: Create a Roadmap

We’re almost ready to take off, but before we launch it’s essential to create our strategic roadmap. We’ll work with you to build a reliable, yet cost effective plan of action. This stage of the Rocket Farm Studios process is essential in order to seamlessly integrate your established architecture onto a mobile environment: it’s not a successful mobile mission unless your crew is prepared to take flight!

Step 5: Get Started

Once we’ve completed our strategic roadmap, it’s time to launch your brand new mobile application. In this stage of the mobile strategy partnership, we release your newly optimized mobile technologies, while continually measuring and monitoring feedback, troubleshooting, and conducting regular technology reviews. A mobile strategy partnership with Rocket Farm Studios opens the door for an epic product launch – partnered with intuitive internal or external marketing efforts to ensure an eager audience. What’s the end result? A winning mobile strategy that benefit your business on all fronts, through small, high impact projects and increased accessibility to your target audience. Welcome to the world of mobile!