With the kind of knowledge only experience can bring – more than 50 apps launched and counting. It is essential to plan your marketing efforts alongside your user interface and business plan. And we can help.
From competitive assessments and market research to app store submission and optimization, we know how to maximize your success. Our network of fantastic partners can help execute mobile marketing programs that will let you launch your next rocket to the moon, or beyond – it’s up to you.

Why Rocket Farm?

  • Building the ideal launch pad: We have extensive experience with creating marketing plans, conducting customer research, and turning competitive analysis into comprehensive app strategies for your unique ideas.
  • A soft landing: landing pages and microsites will strengthen your mobile presence and enable powerful tracking of metrics and engagement. Oh, and don’t forget screenshots, press kits, trailers, and all the other aspects that prep your flight plan.
  • All about the buzz: To really make an impact you need to grab attention on social networks and in the media. Blogging, PR, events: we’ll get people talking.
  • Promotions: much as we would everything to go organically viral to the Moon, the fact is you need a solid plan to deliberately promote and advertise, as well as the right optimization plan for shooting ever higher in the app store rankings. Our unparalleled relationships in the mobile ecosystem can really help to drive downloads.

Learn more about marketing mojo and the caliber of our partner network. Contact us today.