Mobile technologies are advancing at incredible speeds. The ways in which we process information, shop, and work have been revolutionized. From a consumer perspective apps have the ability to work wonders across mobile devices, but they can also be useful for an enterprise that seeks to decrease organizational costs by automating internal processes. If your organization hasn’t yet considered the benefits of entering the mobile world, we hate to break it to you but you’re behind the eight ball.
Regardless of where you stand in the process, our team of experts at Rocket Farm Studios will help you transform mobile into your core competency. The key to any mobility project is solid, well established architecture. However, we don’t stop there. We work tooth and nail to bring a level of customization to your architecture that you will not come across at any other company.

Never fear, Rocket Pig’s ultimate laundry list is here.

For newcomers, thinking about mobile architecture can be pretty daunting. When you are dealing with a phone, there is a lot you need to consider when designing mobile application architecture. Luckily you’re not alone to navigate these seemingly tricky waters. You’ll be reassured by our impeccable attention to detail.
At a minimum, we worry about:
Networking – Wifi/cell, Bluetooth, NFC, Open source library support
Hardware – Accelerometer, GPS, Tilt, Airplane mode, Device ID
Phone – Contact Database access, Call database access, Telephony interrupts, Proximity sensor
Audio – Sound generation/Playback, Audio capture
Video – Media Playback
Camera – Camera access, Video access, Photo library access
Music – Music library/Service access
Notifications – Mechanism, Payload, Vendor support
Mapping – Maps integration
Browsing – Web views, External browsing , Javascript support, HTML 5
Other app integration – Mail, Calendar, Twitter, SMS
Apps and app store – Installation, Updates – OTA, App store account and family policy
Dev Program – Submission process, Feature support and filtering, Membership, Support
OS Misc – Reachability + network callbacks, Keychain or equivalent, Application lifecycle, Foreground/background behavior and multi-tasking, Static libs, Build process