The story of mobile is the story of innovation. Today’s creative entrepreneurs are writing new chapters every day.
If you’re ready to join their ranks, Rocket Farm can help you bring your vision to life, from initial concept to launch. You bring us an idea, and we’ll help you create a strategy, get the most out of your budget, design compelling visuals, and plan rigorous user testing.
Our detail-oriented, milestone-driven approach produces user interfaces that engage, design that impresses, and creates technical architecture and supporting operations to keep it all running smoothly.

Why Rocket Farm?

  • Entrepreneurial cred: Founded and led by entrepreneurs with impressive records of success, Rocket Farm knows what it takes to develop a new business from idea to reality.
  • Moving with the markets: The mobile space moves fast. We move faster. Our expertise in the field means that we can keep you on top of trends and ahead of the pack.
  • Minding the store: When your project is ready for release, we handle app store submission and optimization and then track and assess your app’s performance.