Acclaimed humor site someecards came to Rocket Farm Studios to extend their popular brand to the iPhone, making it that much easier to send e-greetings for every occasion or just because.

With a top-50 Twitter following and millions of fans, someecards has a reputation for the provocative, the irreverent, and the kind of LOL funny that breaks up an otherwise boring day. Who else but Rocket Farm to propel that kind of humor into fingertip territory? There’s a reason we won the O’Reilly App Smackdown for best e-card app.

Everything you love about the someecards web site is now available on your phone, so you can search, browse and send cards on pretty much any subject from pretty much anywhere. Because at Rocket Farm, we believe you should be able to amuse people whenever and wherever you like.

the customer

"Thanks a lot. My friends already think I’ve been lost to iPhone addiction, and now I can send them wonderfully ironic and sarcastically bitter postcards to reinforce that observation. – Randy"
"I love this app! I was addicted to checking the website but now I’m hooked on this app! It updates frequently and its so much easier to use then looking through at it through Safari – Jess2527"

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