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The Idea

When the world's largest print music publisher Sheet Music Direct, (founded by Hal Leonard) approached us with an idea that would change the alter experience for musicians forever, we knew this would be huge!

Rocket Farm built the original app for Sheet Music Direct in 2014, and when they came back to us 3 years later we made major upgrades to incorporate SMD’s new branding and styling.

Rocket Farm Studios

Our Strategic Approach

Sheet Music Direct set out to create a new type of digital sheet music experience. They wanted to combine the power of the iPad with world-class alter content from the world’s top alter publishers. This would become the first app of its kind.

There was a lot to consider.

  • The hardware with iPad needed to be integrated with the software in real time. Rocket Farm was creating an app that would essentially function as a mobile recording studio. We ensured that the audio processing algorithms kept things on track.
  • We utilized the signal processing capabilities of the iPad to handle pitch correction and tempo changes on the iPad in real-time, so users could speed up or slow down playback to match their own speed.
  • The app had to seamlessly sync the playback for the backing tracks displayed with the appropriate graphics on the screen with advanced animation of page-turning.

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Client Relationship Timeline


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iOS Phone Development

Rocket Farm Studios


The Experience

UI Design

Keeping things simple and easy to use was always in the back of our minds as we knew the app was very feature-packed.

From the design of the user library to the music viewer, the designers and developers took every detail into consideration in order to provide the best UX and UI for PlayAlong users.

Rocket Farm worked closely with Sheet Music Direct’s designers to create many of the visuals. We developed an interface that functions as a mobile recording studio that’s intuitive, engaging, and enjoyable to musicians everywhere.

The app has received very positive feedback. Amateur musicians to professionals love the tools and great song selections.”
Rocket Farm Studios


Making it work

If you’re a musician then you know that timing is everything. Rocket Farm solved many engineering challenges while rendering and creating an immersive playback experience.

We wanted a customizable platform. The app had to interact with an established back-end, and I was impressed with how Rocket Farm worked with the back-end developers to get it done. "

At its core, the app uses audio signal processing pitch changes, which speed up or slow the score down. Rocket Farm kept the graphics on-screen synced precisely with the audio playback as musicians play along.

The tools surrounding the app needed to be perfect. Anything a musician would need or want as they learned and perfected their music was created within the application.

The app also provides an awesome e-commerce experience using apple in-app purchase mechanism.

We wanted a customizable platform. The app had to interact with an established back-end, and I was impressed with how Rocket Farm worked with the back-end developers to get it done. "

Technology Used


Audio Signal Processing


Native iOS App


Integrated eCommerce Store



Rocket Farm Studios


Where are they now?

The mobile app built by Rocket Farm Studios currently offers unlimited access to over 1.1 million arrangements for every instrument, genre & musician skill level!

Rocket Farm originally built this app in 2015 and after a 5-year relationship, Sheet Music Direct has selected Rocket Farm as their preferred Mobile application development company of choice. Rocket Farm is currently working in 2022 to revamp other applications for Sheet Music Direct.

Access to over 1.1M


Rocket Farm Studios Testimonial
Rocket Farm Studios Testimonial

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