The idea

Leaderclips, the brainchild of Dan Hoover and his co-founders, started as a highly personalized channel for those looking for great video content on becoming amazing leaders in their field. “My associates and I are passionate about leadership,” Dan said. “We define it not as a role, but as an action.”Recognizing a corporate world overfilled with managers but not true leaders, Leaderclips wanted to bring carefully curated content first to their website, then to a new mobile team management app. “We had connections to the network marketing industry that we felt needed a mobile app that helps them work independently, but also as a team. Within the app, we also wanted organized lessons in leadership and team building so individuals can continue their growth as leaders.”

The design

Up to 60% of people who get involved with network marketing drop off due to lack of support and encouragement to be successful. The Leaderclips app would put in place a number of things to help them stay the course and excel merging leadership training with an incredibly useful team management platform.Working closely with Rocket Farm Studios, Dan and his team at Leaderclips collaborated on the design, function and scope of the mobile app called GoMentum for Network Marketers.“We came in with a scope and talked about it all,” Dan said. “Rocket Farm was very patient with me. They listened to what we wanted and told me it was way too big. They were right. I didn’t have any idea of how big the initial idea was. They helped refine the scope and helped us get to the minimal viable product to actually take to market.”

Building an app that could be used on an enterprise level (teams may have up to 100,000 people) was a big challenge. These teams are used to older technology, such as conference calls for thousands of people. The Leaderclips app was designed to be a disruptive technology in this space, to make what large teams are used to easier and better.The app is not only a communications tool with audio, video and text message capabilities for team connectivity. It also includes the core programming of Leaderclips in curated training videos on leadership, Fast Start training programs to get new employees up to speed as soon as possible, and a daily workflow component that works similarly to fitness apps: by encouraging daily attention to key areas of success in selling, recruiting, and helping other team members succeed.

The mobile app runs on both iOS and Android. The backend, which Rocket Farm also developed, supports both the mobile apps as well as administration portals for team administrators and for the Leaderclips operations team. The backend is architected to be highly scalable, allowing for the distribution of text, audio, and video messages and content to teams with over 100,000 members. Other features include subscription support via Apple, Google, or web payments, and integration with Mailchimp for email.“The app is already getting really great feedback. The usefulness of the app has been really well received, but even better: many are saying the organized lessons it contains is one of the best features. They also love the user interface. The design is excellent. What Rocket Farm came up with is intuitive and friendly to use.”

the customer

"Dan and his team met with nearly a dozen different app designers in the Boston area, but chose to go with Rocket Farm Studios. “Rocket Farm actually listened to our ideas and were genuinely intrigued by it,” he said. “They were willing to actually talk about the business. Some firms just talked to me about the tech and the capabilities of the app. Rocket Farm believed in the business too."
"We’re happy with the app we launched on iOS and excited about the one we’re about to launch for Android. It’s a really exciting time."

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