Microsoft and OpenAI Announce $2M Fund to Tackle Election Deepfakes

May 7, 2024
Will Kramer
Two people wearing dinosaur masks and suits standing in front of a light blue background with the text "Microsoft and OpenAI Announce $2M Fund to Tackle Election Deepfakes" for a Rocket Farm Studios news update.

In a significant move to counter misinformation during elections, Microsoft and OpenAI have jointly launched a $2 million “societal resilience fund”. This initiative is particularly focused on educating and raising awareness among communities that are most vulnerable to the deceptive powers of AI-generated content, including deepfakes.

As the digital landscape evolves, the emergence of generative AI technologies has introduced new challenges in the form of deepfakes—sophisticated artificial imitations that can mislead viewers, especially during critical times like elections. With over 2 billion people expected to vote in various global elections this year, the integrity of electoral processes is a paramount concern.

According to a recent article by Paul Sawers on TechCrunch, this new fund aims to bolster AI literacy and education among voters, ensuring they are better equipped to identify and understand AI-manipulated content. The initiative will support several organizations, including Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) and the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), by providing grants that help these groups expand their educational outreach.

Deepfake technology has become a major concern for electoral integrity worldwide. For instance, India’s Election Commission recently issued a plea to political parties, urging them not to use deepfakes in their campaign strategies. Recognizing the potential threats, major tech companies like Google and Meta have already started to implement measures to mitigate the risks associated with AI in their platforms.

Furthermore, OpenAI has also introduced a deepfake detector tool aimed at helping researchers identify falsified content created by AI systems, including its own DALL-E image generator. Additionally, OpenAI has taken a proactive step by joining the steering committee of the C2PA, an industry group that also includes tech giants such as Adobe, Microsoft, Google, and Intel.

This initiative reflects Microsoft and OpenAI’s commitment to responsible AI use. Teresa Hutson, Microsoft’s corporate VP for technology and corporate responsibility, emphasized that the “Societal Resilience Fund is just one step towards addressing the complex challenges in AI literacy and education.”

For more detailed insights on this development, read the full article by Paul Sawers on TechCrunch.

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