Introducing Apple Music’s Monthly Replay Update

February 20, 2024
Will Kramer
Apple Music Replay

In a recent development in the music streaming arena, Apple Music has rolled out an innovative monthly version of its Replay feature, as reported by Lauren Forristal for TechCrunch on February 20, 2024. This enhancement to Apple Music’s yearly recap, which traditionally provided users with a look back at their top songs, artists, albums, and more, now allows users to delve into their listening habits on a monthly basis.

Accessible through the Replay website (, this new feature necessitates an Apple ID for login. It offers subscribers a rich array of insights, including top tracks, the total time spent listening, and milestones like the total minutes of music played. Apple Music also introduces the ability for users to share these Replay insights with friends and family, alongside the capability to revisit both monthly and yearly statistics stored in Apple Music’s archive. However, it’s worth mentioning that the provision of monthly stats is contingent upon users reaching a certain level of music consumption.

This initiative seems to be Apple Music’s strategy to intensify its rivalry with Spotify, especially considering the latter’s 2023 updates to Spotify Wrapped. These included the introduction of Spotify’s AI DJ and a novel feature that suggests a city based on a user’s listening history, further personalizing the user experience.

Moreover, Apple Music has announced the availability of its Replay Mix playlist for 2024 within the Apple Music app. This playlist, representing a personalized top songs chart for the year, will see weekly updates, keeping users’ music recommendations fresh and engaging.

Apple Music’s move to provide monthly Replay updates clearly ups the ante in its competition with Spotify, offering users an enhanced level of personalization. This step not only challenges Spotify’s dominance but also signals a future of ongoing innovation in music streaming, where user engagement and personalized experiences become the focal points of service offerings.

The introduction of a monthly Replay feature by Apple Music, as detailed in Lauren Forristal’s article for TechCrunch, signifies a significant shift in the landscape of music streaming services, aiming to offer users a more granular insight into their listening habits and preferences.

This news article is based on the original article titled “Apple Music introduces a monthly version of Replay” by Lauren Forristal, published by TechCrunch on February 20, 2024.


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