Who are we?

Rocket Farm Studios.

Everything you need in a mobile app development partner

When you partner with Rocket Farm Studios, you're not just finding another app development company; you're with a partner that is dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

On strategy. On time. On budget.

Since our foundation in 2008, we’ve catapulted into the spotlight, pioneering top rated apps in various categories. Whether it’s iOS, Android, or the savvy back-end, we’ve been the go-to gang, teaming up with both Fortune 500 giants and nimble startups.

Boasting a roster of the industry’s best talent, our squad brings unparalleled expertise in mobile strategy, a flair for creativity, and a knack for revolutionizing businesses with memorable customer experiences. But here’s the real secret sauce: we dive deep, treating your business like it’s our own, embodying true partnership.

Holistic Solutions

Rocket Farm Studios isn't limited to just iOS or Android app development; they also excel in back-end solutions, providing a comprehensive, one-stop-shop experience for clients seeking end-to-end mobile app solutions.

Elite Talent

We are home to some of the industry's most talented professionals, offering deep domain expertise in mobile strategy, creative vision, and transformative business solutions.


Whether collaborating with Fortune 500 powerhouses or innovative startups, Rocket Farm Studios demonstrates unparalleled flexibility, adapting to various project scopes and client needs.

Client-Centric Approach

More than just developers, the team at Rocket Farm Studios positions itself as true partners, treating each client's business as if it were their own, ensuring exceptional customer experiences

Industry Recognition

Established in 2008, Rocket Farm Studios has been an award-winning force in the app development arena, consistently delivering top rated apps across diverse categories. This showcases not just our expertise, but also our unwavering commitment to excellence in an ever-competitive industry.

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