Rocket Farm Studios Earns Another Five-Star Review on Clutch

August 10, 2022
The Rocket Farm Team

Rocket Farm Studios Earns Another Five-Star Review on Clutch

We love our clients and we are so grateful when they take moments out of their busy days to tell others about their experiences with us!

We received a glowing 5 star review on Clutch from an amazing and up and coming company called Hands Down.

The idea for their company first began with 5 friends who wanted to share their favorite things within their own circle and beyond. They were tired of seeing paid endorsements and reviews of products that didn’t really work. Their motto is why trust a stranger when you can find legit and honest recommendations from real people? Hands Down is the perfect solution to ending that lifelong search for the perfect (*insert the product you are searching for here*)!

Hands Down is a social commerce platform that needed a reliable partner to take their concept and turn it into a commercial product that was ready to launch. Hands Down was searching for a custom mobile app development company when they discovered us on Clutch.They reached out to our team early on and we were SO thrilled to be able to get in on the ground floor of the product development process.

We are proud to say that our team helped build everything for Hands Down 100% from scratch! We took them through our Discovery phase to define the concept, prioritize requirements, and to determine both the user and brand for their newly formed company. In Design we defined the user experience, we created the visual design, and we defined the overall architecture to support their initial version. We quickly developed an MVP web application and launched it. We worked with them within our Growth phase to iterate rapidly and improve the user experience and grow their user base.

As a result of Hands Down’s kind review we are thrilled to say that Rocket Farm Studios has been named as one of the top Ruby on Rails developers in Boston, as seen on Top Design Firms.

We are so grateful that this important milestone resulted from just a single piece of feedback from one client. Word of mouth is still an amazing testament to the power reviews have in the B2B industry. We look forward to accomplishing more great things in the second half of this year as we begin earning more five-star reviews!

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