Rocket Farm CEO Dan Katcher Interviewed in ContractIQ

October 10, 2016
Ashley Rondeau

ContractIQ conducted a great interview with Rocket Farm Studios CEO Dan Katcher. Here’s a snippet:
dan-katcherVishruth: Why don’t we start off with you telling us little bit about your company right from how it started,how it has evolved, and what it has become today.
Dan: Sure. I started Rocket Farm Studios back in 2008, 6 months after apps started going onto the app store. It just seemed like an obvious opportunity, and that apps are going to change everything. People and companies liked it and Rocket Farm wanted to take advantage of that. We have been making apps for the last 7 years but we just don’t make apps, we also make back-end systems, we do design, UX design, visual design, and architecture. Along with that we also help companies with strategy and data, so we’ve truly broadened out significantly since then. We consider ourselves a product development company.
V: Great! So which of all this would you say is your USP, the one thing that Rocket Farm studios are the world heavy weight champions in?
D: That’s hard (laughs). The one thing that differentiates us, I would say, is our engineering. We have got a bunch of really strong, senior geeks working. We know the Apple and Google platforms, we can solve more problems, do image processing and voice processing. So that’s the core we are good at and we are adding everything else we need to go from a clients idea to building out a production ready mobile product.  Which of course includes really good design skills & project management on top of all that.
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So, if you don’t know where to get started with a blueprint for your app, Rocket Farm Studios can take the pressure off.

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