Mobile Dependency: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

July 19, 2012
Dan Katcher

Mobile is changing the world in which we live, speeding up our lives to lightspeed. Because we are caught in the rapidly changing world, we sometimes miss how much mobile has changed the way we operate over the course of a day. The increasing speed of news updates and our permanent attachment on our phones demonstrate our growing dependence on mobile.
The rise of smartphones is pushing the media to be up to the minute with their news updates, to the point of careless mistakes. When the Supreme Court ruled on Obamacare a few days ago, CNN broadcasted that the individual mandate had been struck down for fifteen minutes because they felt the need to be lightning-fast on the draw with their coverage of the landmark decision. In the past, news seekers would need to wait for the evening news broadcast or for the morning paper to get the news of Obamacare, but mobile has pushed the media to the point at which they are making mistakes in an effort to stay up-to-date.
While we could fill a book with ways mobile has changed individual tasks throughout the day, a recent Lookout Security Survey provides the most telling stats on mobile dependency. According to the study, 58% of Americans cannot go an hour without checking their phone. That stat is not drawn from the younger part of the population, but rather from every age group. In addition, 54% of Americans check their phones in bed, 40% check them while in the restroom, and 24% check them while driving. We are so connected to these devices that we have to check them no matter what we are doing.
Why is it so important for us to incessantly check these devices? Why can’t we put down the mobile ducky? The mobile world requires us to check our devices to keep up with the news and keep the world running at breakneck speed. On Monday the 9th, the New York Times website had over 100 news updates by 1:30 PM. Developing countries that had limited access to such data in the past can now join the global community in sharing this information. The amount of data that can circulate thanks to mobile’s connectivity is staggering, and seemingly unlimited.

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