Mobile App Development Scholarships

February 23, 2016
Ashley Rondeau

Followers of our blog may know that there has been, and still is, a severe lack of mobile app talent. As the industry grows, the world will need many more skilled developers and designers, and we’ve highlighted a few places to learn to code mobile apps for those interested in getting their feet wet. But wouldn’t it be great to learn on someone else’s dime? Sure!
So we’ve rounded up some scholarships for those interested in app development.
Samsung Mobile Academy Scholarship
If you’re in the 11th or 12th grade, once you attend a 5-day Academy and complete the requirements, you’ll be eligible for this Samsung scholarship towards college tuition. While you could then major in English or Philosophy with the prize money, obviously Samsung will be happiest if you continue your education in mobile app development.
Salesforce/Degreed App Scholarship
For college or grad students, there is a $1000 scholarship to be “won” every month after applying just once. Won is in quotes here because it goes to whoever “learns the most, as measured by your Degreed Score,” so it’s a way for Degreed to get new users. Still, a grand is nothing to sneeze at, and learning how to make apps for Salesforce is definitely a lucrative career path.
Code Fellows Diversity Scholarship
If you’re from a diverse background (women, minority, veteran) and have been accepted into a select list of courses on Code Fellows, some being mobile development courses, you can apply for this scholarship. Code 401 is Advanced Software Development in iOS, which looks to be a great course for aspiring app developers, so this scholarship is worth a look!
Bloc/Girl Develop It Women’s Scholarship
Bloc is a well known online coding bootcamp that has great courses in mobile apps. Each month, they give away $2500 to 2 women toward their Full Stack Developer Track or the Software Engineering Track.
Meteor Web Development Scholarship
If you’re a young woman in high school in the NYC area, The Flatiron School has partnered with Meteor to give out 15 scholarships to a couple development courses. HTML5 is on the curriculum, so you’ll be creating web apps in no time.
Mobile Makers Diversity Scholarship
Women and minority groups, as well as US veterans, are eligible to get about $1000 in scholarship money toward their Mobile Makers bootcamp, which is about 1/10 of the full tuition price. Not amazing, but not bad if you’re already planning on attending.
Google Focused Research Awards
If you’ve got a great mobile idea that has the potential to change the world, you can get tens of thousands in award money from Google… if they buy into your dream. Basically a research grant so they can piggyback off your genius, it’s still worth looking into if you have the next Tinder on deck.
Kay Family Foundation
If you’re an “appreneur” still enrolled in high school or college, your cool app can win you $5000 for further education through the Kay Family Foundation. Sure, you need to have already made an app, but we just like the term appreneur.
Ray Greenly Scholarship
Explicitly for students who have an interest in digital retail (which of course is all about mobile these days), this scholarship awards up to $25,000 for the top recipient. There are a lot of hoops to jump through including essays, a personal brand video, and school transcripts, but the biggest moneys always come with those hurdles.
These are the ones we could find that had some connection specifically to mobile apps. There are hundreds of other scholarships out there for STEM education in general, especially if you’re a woman. If you know of any we missed, please chime in down below in the comments section! And if you’re already an amazing developer, why not work for us?

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