iOS 7: Does Your App Design Fit In?

July 2, 2013
Dan Katcher

The introduction of iOS 7 has come with mixed emotions. Some say the design looks wonderful, and some say the design doesn’t look so wonderful. One thing is certain: the design is a lot different. The foundational change in iOS’s aesthetics means a lot of work needs to be done to redesign apps to fit in with the new style. Skeuomorphism is out of style and simplicity is in.

app icons design grid
It’s not just about simplicity. It’s about seamless integration. iOS 7 is accelerating the transformation from apps that run specifically on your mobile device to apps that solve your everyday problems holistically, from your desktop to your car to your phone. Apps are becoming essential parts of everyday life rather than being simply programs on phones. This change means a lot of work for developers like Rocket Farm Studios. Read some app experts’ opinions here.
But where there is difficulty, there is space for innovation. New feature Airdrop and updated feature Multitasking will surely spawn new ways to share information, generating more virality and simplifying communications. These two examples are only a few from a big list, which means iOS 7 has a lot of low hanging fruit for fast movers to take advantage of.
The biggest change, however, for developers is that apps will now automatically update, eliminating issues that arise because of outdated app versions. In addition, developers can now shorten iteration cycles, fixing bugs and pushing new features more often.
Does your app fit in with iOS 7? If not, you may want to consider an update.
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