Google wants to be everywhere

May 28, 2015
Dan Katcher

Google wants to be everywhere your phone, sure, but also you car, your TV set, your wrist, and maybe even your washing machine: Yeah, yeah, but what about my iPad?

  • The upcoming release of iOS 8 includes code that will let users run multiple apps side-by-side on the display, much like your laptop lets you line up a browser window next to an open document for easy reference. The new feature will be available on the iPhone as well, but for iPad app developers, this new capability raises interesting questions and opens up new design and function possibilities.
  • Home sweet HomeKit: HomeKit will allow app developers to group smart home functions, so you’ll be able to dim the lights, control the TV, crank up the heat, and lock the doors, all with just one function. It’s looking more and more like the iPad is evolving from a largely entertainment-and-information-focused device, into a powerful console for managing your home.

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