When it comes to mobile you have to engage users early and make consistent feedback-oriented improvements to stay in front. We’re not your old school, waterfall style app development company. Instead, we create a high level iteration plan, strap on our turbo jet packs, and launch with our feet first. Who said pigs don’t fly? At Rocket Farm Studios, we’ve certainly proved that wrong. Our projects serve to impress, both technically and artistically.

Our process: Release, review, repeat

At its infancy, an idea can take a variety of forms across the minds of many. To minimize the gap in which miscommunication may wreak havoc, we are known for our deep client collaboration. We work not to meet, but to exceed expectations, and assuring that you are involved from concept to completion is critical to our process. Be prepared, but not for marathons. We like to get places in short, powerful sprints.

  1. Put a release out – Ready, set, go! After one to two weeks of planning, it’s time for a test run.
  1. Get feedback – During our release period we like to get as much feedback as possible, from both clients and test users alike.
  1. Revisit the roadmap – With as much feedback as possible under our belts, we revisit our original roadmap to see how our release measures up to the original blueprint. No problem is too big or too small for us to swallow.
  1. Iterate – Just when you thought you could slow down, it’s time to start the process over again. Yeah, you read that correctly. The sprints aren’t over yet. We’re constantly looking to incorporate feedback into our work in order to stay abreast.

Now, what’s in store for the end you may ask? Fast forward 8 to 14 weeks. The final parts of the release involve preparing assets, submitting an app to the Google, Windows, or Apple store, generating marketing literature, and additional management support required to releasing an app into the wild.

Cross Platform Expertise: iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5 and more.

Whether developing for Apple’s iOS, the Android operating system, the Windows platform, or HTML5-based mobile sites, our professional team of developers co-exist under one roof. However, before we even reach the development process we conduct intensive research to pinpoint precisely which operating platforms are most suitable for your end users – whether they are clients, consumers, or employees. Here are just a few things you can expect from us:

  • Mobile game development
  • Enterprise mobile development
  • Commercial mobile development
  • Business mobile development
  • m-commerce development
  • SDK development
  • Mobile API and web services
  • And much more!

We’re even prepared for platforms that don’t exist yet – we’re just that good.

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