Rocket Farm Studios works with leading companies to create innovative mobile applications, products, and services.

Over 40 apps launched with millions of users and many satisfied customers!

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Recent Work

Quick Key: iPhone App Development, User Interface Design

Quick Key brings quick & easy scan-grading technology to all classrooms with the new Quick Key mobile app tool.

SDK Development: Mobile Architecture

SDK Development: We detail three different companies that came to us seeking the development of very technical Software Development Kits (SDKs).

Leaderclips: Managing Teams and Creating Leaders with Multimedia

The Leaderclips App will help with managing teams and creating leaders with multimedia.

KidConnect: a Revolutionary Special Education App

The KidConnect App is a revolutionary way to help autistic children succeed in classrooms.

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5 Reasons to Start Developing Apps for Google Cardboard

Posted by Robert Woo - May 27, 2015

Google Cardboard. Never heard of it? Don't worry, you will. It's a growing obsession within both Google and circles of app developers aiming to bring virtual reality to anyone who has an Android device. Let's dive in to see what it's like and why developers should be keeping the device in their 3D sights.

The Secret Reason Why 78% of Small Businesses Don't Have a Mobile App

Posted by Robert Woo - May 13, 2015

78% of small businesses don't have a mobile app. They say it's because they don't understand how to build one, but that rings false. What's the real reason?

We Met the Woz and it Was Glorious

Posted by Daniel Katcher - May 7, 2015

It was a big week for us on the Farm. First, we won the smart agriculture category of PTC’s ThingWorx Hackathon as noted in our previous post. Then, we got to go onstage and meet the Woz himself!

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