Rocket Farm Studios works with leading companies to create innovative mobile applications, products, and services.

Over 40 apps launched with millions of users and many satisfied customers!

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Recent Work

VideoIQ: Android & iPhone App Development

VideoIQ launches iPhone and Android apps to disrupt the security monitoring industry, putting prevention directly into the hands of business owners.

Notestar + Yamaha: User Interface Design, iPad App Development

Yamaha launches a groundbreaking sheet music store and playback experience with the help of Rocket Farm, who coordinated the efforts of five different companies.

Someecards: iPhone App Development

Someecards achieves further notoriety with their app, aptly named Someecards.

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An auto mobile revolution

Posted by Dan Katcher

No matter what Doc Brown says (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqdJkFM3pSM), where we’re going, we probably still need roads, and cars to drive on them. But, while those cars might not be fitted with flux capacitors ..


Music to our ears

Posted by Dan Katcher

Last week, I went to new startup trade show A3E Advanced Audio + Application Exchange (http://a3exchange.com). Held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, the show is all about making music with technology, and feature ..

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