Perplexity & Vercel’s AI Integration Transforms App Development

February 12, 2024
Will Kramer
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In a recent article by Shubham Sharma on VentureBeat dated February 9, 2024, Perplexity AI, a startup challenging major tech firms in AI search, partnered with Vercel to integrate its AI search technology into developer apps. 

Strategic Collaboration

This move allows developers to incorporate Perplexity’s large language models into applications built on Vercel, providing a knowledge support system with the latest internet knowledge for time-sensitive queries.

Perplexity’s collaboration with Vercel marks a strategic effort to broaden its influence in the AI realm, positioning itself as a key player in knowledge discovery. Through this alliance, developers utilizing Vercel can now embed Perplexity’s advanced large language models into their applications, enriching them with a powerful knowledge support system. 

This integration is seen as a pivotal step for developers to enhance app capabilities with real-time, accurate information, making it particularly valuable for applications requiring timely data, such as the latest game scores.

The Bigger Picture

The partnership is built on Vercel’s robust platform, formerly known as ZEIT, which specializes in helping developers build, deploy, and host AI-centric web applications. With the introduction of Perplexity’s API for online large language models, developers gain access to a wealth of current internet knowledge, ensuring their applications can provide the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Perplexity’s initiative to pair its search and discovery technologies with Vercel’s development services is part of a broader trend of AI integration into web development. This not only challenges the status quo set by established search engines but also opens new avenues for creating dynamic, knowledge-rich applications. 

Furthermore, the partnership exemplifies Perplexity’s commitment to enhancing AI accessibility for developers, following its recent collaborations with AI hardware companies and other tech firms.

For more detailed insights, refer to the original article on VentureBeat, titled “Perplexity partners with Vercel, opening AI search to developer apps” by Shubham Sharma.


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