Juan Carlos Garzon

Juan is an experienced designer with background in both graphic design and architecture. He has exemplary design skills in print, large-scale experiential graphics, brand identity, app and web experiences.

Bradley Werntz

Bradley has co-founded two startups; Skedaddle, a crowd-source bus transportation platform, where he served as the Chief Strategy Officer, and Princeton CarbonWorks, a carbon fiber bicycle wheel manufacturer. Bradley currently sits on the PCW board… Read more »

Scott Carter

Scott is a lead iOS developer. He has published numerous apps and worked with a wide range of mobile, web and server technologies. He is highly organized, has a keen eye for detail, and has… Read more »

Terumi Okano

Terumi Okano builds powerful brand stories for Rocket Farm Studios. With over 10 years in engineering and marketing, she will help craft your company story to make it memorable. When she’s not doing work on… Read more »

Rich Curtis

Rich started his career in computer games, and was writing software for mobile phones long before Apple made phones. A proven product leader, he has launched products for startups and Fortune 500 brands. As a technical product manager, Rich strives to ensure that the entire team understands both the business context as well as the development milestones. Rich is a whiz at agile project management.

Rich is also a novelist. You can find his work at https://www.richxcurtis.com. If you like page-turning science-fiction techno-thrillers, take a look!