You are versed in both UX and Visual design. You are experienced with mobile. And the web. You get brand. You can take feedback and rapidly iterate.

iOS Developer

You know Swift. You are familiar enough with Objective-C. You know the iOS platform cold. You are passionate about quality. You are detail oriented. You believe in process. You like interacting with clients. You know… Read more »

Android Developer

You know Java. You know Kotlin. You know Android cold, including the idiosyncrasies of different handsets. You’ve maybe done React Native and you appreciate cross-platform solutions. You’re cool around people.

Full Stack Developer

You are all in on AWS and have a strong opinion on application servers, databases, caching, security, and everything else that goes into making highly scalable, redundant cloud based systems. You know how to develop…. Read more »

Product Management

You love software. You can write requirements. You can represent the customer. You can solve problems. You can run a meeting. You know enough about agile to be more than dangerous. You can be transparent… Read more »