10 Mobile Apps to be Movies After Angry Birds

May 23, 2016
Ashley Rondeau

Angry Birds MovieNow that Angry Birds is the first ever mobile app that’s been adapted into a movie, and it seems to be doing well at the box office, it’s inevitable that more apps get the same Hollywood treatment. After all, they’re making a movie about emojis so there’s literally nothing they won’t do.
So if we’re doing this, and I guess we are, here are 10 movies we’d like to see come from mobile apps.

1. The Waze Movie

It’s no secret we love the Waze app, and we think it would be perfect for the blockbuster action film treatment.
Pitch: The Fast and the Furious, but with better navigation. The anti-heroes drive fast and avoid cops as well as traffic jams. Their getaway is crowdsourced by helpful civilians watching the chaos. Starring aging action stars who like to drive safe and know where they’re going.

2. The Tinder Movie

This has to be in production already, right? We feel like before Tinder actually existed, it was already a trope of 80s movies making fun of our dating future… and now here we are.
Pitch: In a dystopian future, beautiful isolated young adults have no emotions but must repopulate the Earth by finding their mates via swiping right through a vast database. One match sparks a love that the world hasn’t seen since World War IV, spreading hope and the resurrection of love across these beautiful young adults. Starring whichever beautiful young adults are available from the CW.

3. The Spotify Movie

The licensing for all the songs will make this one extremely expensive to produce, but perhaps you can show ads every other scene to recoup some costs.
Pitch: In a dystopian future, no one shares anything; beautiful isolated young adults all are selfish and own individual copies of everything, including music. One particularly beautiful girl writes a song about love and shares it. It becomes an underground hit when it’s streamed to anyone who wants it in a subscription model. Can the dream of socialized music bring people together to fight the evil Capitol (Records)? Starring all those singing kids from the Disney Channel.

4. The Tidal Movie

Pitch: It’s just like The Spotify Movie but no one sees it except celebrities.

5. The Venmo Movie

Who would have ever thought personal finance would be a fun, social thing kids would do with their friends? If the big banks can trick us into thinking financial transactions are hip, then a movie from the experience isn’t far off. Seriously a great mobile apps movie idea!
Pitch: Brewster’s Millions, but for Millennials. Three teens have to spend $30 million in 3 days in order to inherit $30 billion from an eccentric tech mogul uncle. As they live the high-life, their spending spree is live-cast as the public cheers or jeers them on. They don’t learn any lesson and win all the money. Starring 3 white males and set in 2008, just before the financial crisis.

6. The Boomerang from Instagram Movie

An Instagram Movie is too much of a low hanging fruit, and every movie already has a selfie joke or ten in it. Choosing to focus on the Boomerang app will make this movie much more relevant for the next week or so.
Pitch: A girl finds that she can travel back in time and relive the last 3 seconds of her life, but she can’t change anything about it, just relive it. It’s a deep, existential sci-fi drama about the inexorable march of time toward death and the meaninglessness of both the unexamined and the examined life. Directed by Spike Jonze.

7. The Minecraft Movie

Ok so they’re actually making this one into a real movie, but our pitch is better.
Pitch: Using just a pickax, a man crafts a chair from scratch in real time. Runtime of seventeen hours.
Note: our pitch is not better.

8. The Messenger/Snapchat/WhatsApp/GO SMS Pro/Kik Movie

It’ll be hard to get all the producers to communicate on this project. We recommend email.
Pitch: Aliens start messaging with 1400 humans across the world, warning of an imminent invasion. These 1400 humans just so happen to be mute. Now it’s a race against time to tell the world about the coming alien threat, one platform-specific message at a time. Can they convince anyone of the invasion without sending a single picture of any genitals? Starring anyone with thumbs and expressive eyebrows.

9. The Google+ Movie

Pitch: A dystopian future.

10. The Fart Sound Board Movie

This one’s a no-brainer.
Pitch: A hard-hitting documentary about the American presidential election process in 2016. Narrated by Ricky Gervais.
What mobile apps do you think would make great movies? Sound off in the comments below!

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