The True Story of Rocket Pig

September 25, 2013
The Rocket Farm Team

I’m often asked how we came up with the name Rocket Farm Studios. Our brand name has always seemed obvious to me – apps are Rockets, and we Farm them. As dedicated app farmers we prep the fields, sow the seeds of future growth, add nutrients during the growing season (which thankfully is year round), weed bad ideas from good, and yes, fix bugs; not to mention the numerous other things needed to bring awesomely cool, world-changing apps from our Farm to your tablet. You see that saying on bumper stickers sometimes: “No Farms, No Apps”.
But what I am more recently surprised about is the number of people who want to know how Rocket Pig, our trusty mascot and logo, came to be. That story, it turns out, is a very interesting read. It’s the tale of a small pig born on a small farm in a small town in eastern Vermont, who grew to become a super hero and a champion for all things mobile – just at a time when the world was desperately crying out for creative excellence, star quality engineering, and silky smooth delivery.
From an early age, Rocket Pig was different. Perhaps it was the rocket that appeared one day outside his crib, or the ultra cool Steampunk goggles found draped around his head that same morning. But it was also his skills, and his attitude. Even as a baby, Rocket Pig showed traits that grew to define his Super-hero-ness later in life. Talented with tools and electricity, Rocket Pig wired up the barn with a sensor driven sound system, streaming animal tunes throughout the day, but automatically shutting off at the approach of the farmer.
1 Baby b
It wasn’t long before young Rocket Pig had all the animals in the barnyard rocketing. Art from the chickens soon went up on walls, stalls were transformed by the horses and cows into meditation rooms during the day, the sheep were particularly adept at building things: an irrigation system in the summer and heaters in the winter. Sure there were occasional spats, like you’d find in any real organization (“What the cluck!” said the duck. “Moooove out of my way,” said the cow.) But with Rocket Pig’s facilitation skills, differences soon seemed secondary to the mission of the barnyard and a deeper understanding of teamwork was achieved every day. And Rocket Pig kept trying on his rocket, wondering what his purpose was and what he was meant to do. But still, he didn’t fly.
2 Young a
Perhaps it was fate, or perhaps it was just good timing, but the events of 2007 and 2008 changed everything for Rocket Pig again, bringing purpose to what already was a pretty purposeful porcine existence.
What started it all was the now famous Steve Jobs announcement of the iPhone in 2007. This epic product introduction had the barnyard transfixed. The animals all instantly grasped the implications of the iPhone and gasped a collective gasp of air. Watching on the large flat screen the ducks had installed on the side of the barn, the animals knew that such a beautiful device, combining phone, Internet, all sorts of the sensors, along with a beautiful display and touchscreen, would change the world, as they knew it. The animals recognized that so much power and purpose would cause a bigger wave of innovation than even the Internet itself had started.
But some of the animals were concerned. That big a revolution would confuse the poor humans. So much innovation can be great, but can also be overwhelming for those who are navigating through the midst of it. And when apps started showing up in the brand new Apple App Store, the light went on. At that moment, Rocket Pig finally grasped his true purpose, the meaning of his Rocket, and the incredible Steampunk accessory goggles. He was meant to fly and show the world the mobile way. So he strapped on the goggles and lit that rocket, and presented himself to the world as a bacon of hope for the mobile way.
3 Adult b
From that point forward, whenever there was a cry for innovation, Rocket Pig and his good friends at Rocket Farm were there at the speed of a rocket. Wherever there was a thirst for creativity and clean, intuitive experiences, Rocket Pig would save the day. Whenever there was a desire for some good, old rock-solid engineering, Rocket Pig would light the fire again. Where there was ingenuity yearning to be set free, where CMOs were struggling to turn concepts into ROI-backed products, Rocket Pig would be there.
So that is the true story of Rocket Pig, our mascot and logo. If you want to break open a new market based on mobile app technology, reinvent your workforce because every one of your people has an awesome communications device in their pocket every single day, or simply take on the impossible, then call for Rocket Pig (it’s like calling for Batman but instead you throw some slop on the sidewalk).
We’ll meet you there, and help you Launch Your Next Rocket.

So, if you don’t know where to get started with a blueprint for your app, Rocket Farm Studios can take the pressure off.