Huge congrats go out to Noteflight on their just announced acquisition by Hal Leonard.  Noteflight, our partner in music apps and space-sharer since 2009, has built an amazing set of technology for composing music in the cloud.  Around that technology Noteflight has also built a fast growing community of music enthusiasts and composers, which is about to cross the 1 million member milestone!

Hal Leonard is the world’s largest publisher of sheet music, and has a world wide distribution network of content, media, and technology in the music space second to none.  It’s truly a great combination that will open up all sorts of possibilities in how musicians compose and share music.  Especially in a mobile world.

We’ve been privileged to share space with Noteflight almost since our beginning.  We’ve partnered with them in building the Yamaha Notestar app, and hope to do much more in the future.

So congrats to Noteflight.  It’s mobile music for the ears.

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