Technology is constantly changing, competition is changing, and the environment is changing. Logically, finding an approach that will keep up with that rate of change is critical. Our solution: agile methodology. It’s a process for running sprints and delivery. We like to get places, and get there fast; it’s no coincidence that rockets are our main form of transportation.

Waterfall versus Agile Development

When it comes to project management, you can go with either a waterfall or agile development approach. Waterfall development, considered the traditional approach, rarely aims to re-visit a phase once it has been completed. In other words you try to get things right the first time around. That’s not how we work.
We value efficient, adaptable work guided by interactive individuals over straight-laced processes and tools. Agile methodology allows for iterative and incremental development, where collaboration with the client reveals requirements and solutions to support the evolution of the software. What does that mean for our clients? You should expect a combination of teamwork, adaptability, and flexibility that will result in nothing less than a quality-driven final product.

From end-to-end, we’re light years ahead of the competition

If you haven’t figured it out already, we’re not your average app development company. We want to eat, breathe, and dream about your business in order to believe in it. To deliver the best possible product, we deliver our work into the hands of our clients early, gauge your feedback, and iterate. That’s true whether we’re doing strategy, design, or development.

If you ever see someone sitting on the steps at the Kenmore t-stop, say hello! We’re not just there for appearance, we will go to great lengths to test our products in order to make sure that they work under a variety of network conditions. While many might cringe at the discovery of an unpredictable challenge, our swift and agile approach allows us to treat an unexpected surprise as a natural part of the process.