3 Signs of Life for Windows Mobile

Posted by Robert Woo

These days, it seems like the mobile environment is a two horse race between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS. Gone are the days of BlackBerry OS holding much market share, or HP’s WebOS that tried to extend Palm’s attempt at a mobile operating system contender. And today’s upstarts such as Samsung’s Tizen and Mozilla’s Firefox OS have yet to make much of a splash. Is there no hope for a third mobile OS with a sizable piece of the pie?  Read more »


5 Reasons Why App Developers Still Choose Apple Before Android

Posted by Robert Woo

Time.com declared the smartphone app war over and touted Apple as the winner. While we are not so bold, it’s clear that as of early 2015 Android is still playing catch up to Apple in terms of luring app developers to build for it first. In a perfect world (well, for developers), it would be easy to build simultaneously, but the nuances of both ecosystems keep cross-platform builds a daunting task.  Read more »


How do I love thee? Let me count the Waze.

Posted by Dan Katcher

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we pen a love letter to one of our favorite apps.

There are not a lot of apps that out there that evoke true emotion in their users.  How often do you speak to an app?  Yell at an app?  Thank an app?  I’ll confess - I’ve developed a decidedly human relationship with Waze, and I know a growing number of people who have as well.  Read more »


Apple Watch Apps: 3 Design Challenges

Posted by Robert Woo

The Apple Watch is set to launch this April and there have already been plenty of sightings of this anticipated wearable out in the wild, and plenty of third parties have downloaded the WatchKit SDK to start creating apps. While we’re excited about the possibilities of this new device, smart watches have been, well, they’ve been mostly misses so far and the apps that come included are often to blame.  Read more »


The Top 5 Mistakes When Designing Mobile Apps

Posted by Robert Woo

Snake aside, no matter how fun it was on your old Nokias, the first mobile apps as we know them today debuted alongside the first iPhone way back in 2007. In the ensuing seven years, mobile app designers have iterated on the basics and these apps have come a long way in terms of speed, usability, and appearance.  Read more »


An auto mobile revolution

Posted by Dan Katcher

No matter what Doc Brown says, where we’re going, we probably still need roads, and cars to drive on them. But, while those cars might not be fitted with flux capacitors quite yet, more and more are coming with sensors and communications capabilities that make the automotive industry perhaps the most exciting playing field in the coming Internet of Things.  Read more »