Microsoft partners up

Posted by Dan Katcher

From July 14th to July 17th our nation’s capital is playing host to Microsoft and its Worldwide Partner Conference. And, yes, #WPC14 is trending on Twitter. Though truly, it isn’t that surprising considering over 16,000 people attended the first day of the conference. So what is important about the 2014 conference?   Read more »


Living in a Material world

Posted by Dan Katcher

The digital world has no rules. Everything -- features, color schemes, functionality -- is allowed to behave in new and different ways. The lack of limits is exciting and surprising, but also stressful. Using a smartphone sometimes feels like a whole new adventure, but when you are trying to get something done, you don’t want to go on an adventure. You just want the predictable to happen. In order to solve this problem and make the use of smartphones more intuitive, Google has taken on a new perspective. They are diving in and attempting to assimilate programs in the phone to things in the outside world that humans already understand. Google is calling their solution Material Design.  Read more »


Learning Swift-ly

Posted by Dan Katcher

As I mentioned last week, coding-tutorial maestro Ray Wenderlich has been moving, uh, swiftly to put out information about Apple's newest programming language, Swift. After diving into his tutorials and playing with the new language myself, I have a few thoughts:  Read more »


So you want to build an app

Posted by Dan Katcher

I get asked pretty often what’s the best place to start for someone who wants to learn how to develop mobile apps. My answer is always that there are two places to go if you want to learn.   Read more »


Google planning world domination

Posted by Dan Katcher

Last month, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple began its move to create products that could be used on the screens that recur throughout our days. In particular, Apple’s CarPlay, an iPhone interface for automobiles, seemed revolutionary. It was even more exciting to find out that CarPlay is expected to ship this year in cars made by Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo. So when Google announced Android Auto on Wednesday, it became clear that the Apple vs. Android rivalry is set to continue far into the future. And the Android Auto announcement is just one of the ways Apple and Google's competition is heating up.  Read more »


Seed funding helps Quick Key grow

Posted by Dan Katcher

Good news last week for our client Quick Key!

Educational technology venture firm ARC Capital Development has invested $100,000 of seed capital in Quick Key's testing and assessment app. The program, built by Rocket Farm, essentially transforms a phone or tablet's camera into an optical scanner, letting teachers use their mobile devices to quickly scan and grade multiple-choice bubble sheets. The app tracks performance by student, by class, and even by question.  Read more »


Six for Spring

Posted by Dan Katcher

Spring is a season of the new: new flowers, new baseball teams, new … apps? Absolutely. We've rounded up six essential apps to help you make the most out of the coming season:  Read more »


Feeling insecure

Posted by Dan Katcher

It happens once a week or so. Twitter lights up and Facebook is abuzz with news of another embarrassing and potentially costly mobile security failure. It happened to Apple. It happened to Snapchat. It happened to Starbucks.

Too often, developers get caught up in perfecting an app's functionality, and forget – or neglect – to do the meticulous security testing that should be de rigeur. In fact, a recent study by web security company Cenzic found security flaws in 96 percent of apps tested.   Read more »


Apple v. Android

Posted by Dan Katcher

Sometimes it feels like everyone has an iPhone, doesn't it? Appearances can be deceiving. In fact, the latest sales numbers from research firm Kantar World Panel have phones running Google's Android outselling those running Apple's iOS by a slight margin.  Read more »